My 3 month MC Project is almost done

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This is the latest of what I have been working on. My goal is to eventually build a city around the Castle. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment.


MC server update

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This is just an update of what I’ve been working on. ¬†As you can see I’ve added some¬†tenement building, part of a wall and gate and some more roads. Each tenement has three apartments that are all furnished and very compact( as you can see by the picture of the kitchen. Also my friend Dustin built a T.A.R.D.I.S.. It will eventually be part of the city bit garden. I asked him to build it since he has been obsessed with Doctor Who since I introduced him to it.

My Minecraft Server

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This Is my Minecraft server. I Have not completed many of the projects that I have going on right now. Also, these photos only cover part of what I have currently going on. There is still much more to come.

Minecraft server

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This is a minecraft server that my roommate used to play on until it was shut down. these are just a few images.

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Atari Is Awesome

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Hi, I had a chance today to play an Atari 2600. It was one of the best moments in my entire life. I was instantly hooked. I went back to my dorm and started to read about the atari to learn more. Now I can’t stop playing the games online. So far Donkey Kong is by far my favorite.

Minecraft update

Posted in minecraft on 10/24/2011 by bwbutler415

Hi, i am currently working on some more minecraft projects to show you. please be patient. they take me a while to do.

My Minecraft

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hey everybody i have decided that this week i would show you all some of my minecraft.

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